Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2009

Keep rocking, keep knocking

.. just kick back when love knocks you down.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my BFF <3 haha And I bought two cute shirts from H&M , of course, what else ?! ;) I fell immediatly in love with them. Here some pictures .. The white was 19,99€ and the top was only 6,90€ ! I took size 42 (XL) haha, because now I can wear it as a really short dress :P I like it ! Tomorrow, there's the English exam. I'll do it ! I know I can pass it with an A or some other good grade. I must learn some words soon, so I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. ByeBye honey's <3 love you all :)

Here are my new things :



and this one I tried on and it fits, but I didn't want to spend about 30€ on it.
I'll buy it soon, 'cause I love the classic little black one. <3

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