Sonntag, 3. Mai 2009

My day-diary

May, 03th
uhmm ... I'm so bored , haha
You want know what did I do today ?!
for sure, yes :P
well.. first, I get up, then I brushed my teeth..
no, I'm just kidding.. ;D
I read an article about studying and university-life...
REALLY interesting guys ! It was published in a German magazine called 'Der Stern'
Besides, I had to learn for the school exams.. really annoying
but I did N O T H I N G ! for the Maths-exam
only homework for Biology, Religion and English.. ;)
now, I'm eating 'Choco Crossies' and reading the 'Hamburger Abendblatt Journal' about fashion :D
I take some pictures later on..
ah, I forgot something really important
this morning, I read GossiP.Girl 9 ! (Träum doch einfach weiter) don't know it in English ..
I finished it.. GREAT book ! haha so funny
love 2 yaaa guys <3 :)

... F to the INJA

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