Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

yummy & bored

... and these StreetLights growing

1st ...
sorry, I was a little away.
I had many things to do ..
an oral examination in home economics , register myself living in hamburg for my new school, going to the English Theatre and go shopping!
But, wait, I want to start in turn.
First, couple days ago, I mixed two delicious ice-smoothies.
One vanilla-milk with caramelsirup and the other was a vanilla-multivitamin smoothie.
yummy !

you need this:

1. Vanilla - ice
2. Caramelsirup
3. multivitamin juice

well ..
yesterday, I sat in the car for one (!) hour without music and food, because my music turned off after 1 minute. My brother waited 30minutes for his new football trainer , and because we drove to the city for lunch after it, I had to stay in the car.
I was very bored , that I took some pictures of me...

my outfit...

cardi: H&M
top: H&M
necklace: H&M
jeans: H&M, too XD

I philosophized...


  1. Anonym20/6/09

    das smiiile bild ist so süß. dein lächeln einfach traumhaft. :)

  2. Werd ich ausprobieren, den Eisshake :D
    Mh.. ich hab jetzt soo Lust auf Vanilleeis :)