Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

If that boy don´t love you by now, he will never ever love you

Ein sooo tolles Lied, hier mal nur ein kleiner Ausschnitt:

I know you think that I just be trippin' on ya
Boy you see, this ain't how I normally be
But I can't help this jealousy
Ooh it's taking over me, ooh I'm falling way to deep
Without you by my side I feel like I can't eat or sleep

But I, got to come down to earth, I don't wanna
But I, gotta let you go, but baby I dont wanna
And I, I gotta see, that you and me, ain't meant to be

Ciara - Never Ever

Siehe auch das Video !

Passt so perfekt zu meiner Situation ...

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